Rewording/write Of Website.

I have a website and I need to have completely re-written. Each page needs to say what it currently states, just reworded for use in a new website I am creating so Google doesn’t ban, etc. I need to have each sentence modified and each paragraph modified and re-worded. SOMEONE WITH VERY GOOD ENGLISH IS NEEDED!

The website that needs to be re-written is I need this written as txt files for each page. At the top of each text page I need to have the web address of the page that has been rewritten. I do not need to have the listings pages re-written.

Anywhere city mentioned on web page as “Indianapolis”, I need to have this changed to “Carmel”. Anywhere that mentions “Carmel”, I need to have changed to Zionsville. Any city that states Plainfield, should state “pike township”.

Any page that is a link to a page outside of I do not need to have re-written, unless it is a page that is linked to

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