Answer A Questions Of Painting

Answer A Questions Of Painting
Each set contains 100 questions.
Please write in your offer approximate terms and the price for one set.

The paintings will be shown in the questionnaire.
The empty place for your answers will be under the questions are written there.

Examples of questions:

What is pleasant to you in this painting?
What is represented on this painting?
Is composition in the picture unusual or standard?
What is the difference between this painting and that?
What, in your opinion, the artist wished to tell us by this painting?
Why do you like this painting?
What style are these pictures drawn?
What makes this painting good?

Your answer should be written in complete sentences, with standard English spelling and punctuation.
Your answer must be between 75 and 85 words long.
Your answer must be 100% unique.
Your answer will be reviewed for quality by an editor.
Do not repeat or rephrase the question in your answer.
Text that is copied from other places on the web will lead to rejection and blocking.

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