Css To Tables Add Drop Down Me

Css To Tables Add Drop Down Me
Ok I know this might seem odd, but I have a site that has been designed using CSS positioning, which is fine, but is not practical, as it means everything in the template is fixed position, and this is controlled by the CSS.

I want to take the design, and move it to a table based layout, so that when we add content on other pages, the length of the page will automatically stretch. The fixed div layout of the sample, doesn’t do this.

I also need a drop down menu created in the header.

The look of the site must remain exactly as per the design. I have the original files available so can send you these.

This is an urgent job as I have been let down recently and was to pass this to my normal guy, but he has yet to finish the current job being worked on.

Please PM me for a link to the sample site.

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