Article Rewrites For Triond

Article Rewrites For Triond
I am looking for someone to re-write completely 12 articles for triond. These articles are all based on the Bulgarian property market or internet dating. The original articles have been published on places like hubpages and xomba and so triond will not accept the original articles or 30 to 40% re-writes.

I will supply the original articles (from 400 to a couple at 1000 or so words) and need someone to re-write the content of all in their own words. You may take the longer articles and split into 2 or 3 new articles. This is fine.

I will submit all articles to triond and they must be accepted for you to be paid.

This is a test project and if well completed at a good rate I will be looking for someone to re-write and write other articles (mainly on property) for submission to triond on a regular basis.

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