Expert Blog Commenter

Expert Blog Commenter
I am searching for an expert blog commentor. When I say expert, I mean the following

-Someone who can efficiently and quickly find dofollow blog websites

-Someone who already has a large list of dofollow blogs with great pagerank

-Someone who understands the value of a diverse set of blog comments, varied pagerank from 0-6

-Someone who can stick to deadlines

-Someone who understands how to backlink mine articles, websites or pages. I will be giving you URL’s of websites / pages that have blog comment links,and will want you to collect a list of those, and go off and post comments on those.

-Someone who can work independently, efficiently, fast and understand what needs to be done, and is always working to improve their list.

Software, manual – doesn’t matter to me.

What matters is LOTS of pagerank related blog comments every month for a wide variety of websites and article pages I need blog links to, with no excuses or hold backs, all DOFOLLLOW

If you are absolutely sure you can do all of this, let me know.

I will need 100 blog comments to start in the health genre, and would expect that completed within 4 days maximum.

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