Contact Ebay Sellers 25 Leads

Contact Ebay Sellers 25 Leads

This is a very simple project but please read all information carefully before you decide to bid on this project.

You need to contact eBay sellers and provide me 25 email addresses and ebay user names of those who are interested in earning residual income by selling my product.

About my product: I can’t you much information other then a seller can earn residual income by selling this product…so I don’t see a reason why seller will not be interested to learn more.

Below is the process how it works:

1. Contact ebay sellers with the message I provide you

2. Forward me their reply message which eBay send you to your email address. If their message showing interest to learn more and include email address then it consider as lead.

Please bid on this project for 25 eBay seller leads.

The payment will be deposited in to escrow account and released upon completion of project. The project need to be completed within 7 days of selection.

Let me know with any questions.

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