Excelent Writers Needed 2 ( 3

Excelent Writers Needed 2 ( 3
Two outstanding writers are needed to craft ORIGINAL, well written articles for my company. Apply today, and start today for the right candidates!

= = Job Description: = =

You\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’ll be required to write ten (40) 400-600 words well written and well researched articles as fast is possible around health, fitness, dating, business and other niche related articles/content. I will give you the specific keywords.

I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’m interested in hiring two (2) writers who have the ability to research topics that they may not be familiar with. Not to worry as I won\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’t give you a topic which is far beyond your scope of knowledge (e.g. writing about astrophysics, etc)?

Instead, I simply need two (2) writers who can draft compelling articles that are NON-PLAGIARIZED and serve as witty and thoughtful text.

All written articles must be in your own words and follow the guidelines I specify. Each article will be ran through Copyscape in order to check for duplicate content. Should you submit any plagiarized content without citing your sources, you will be immediately terminated.

= = Qualifications: = =

– Strong English skills
– Excellent grammar
– Keen detail to punctuation
– Ability to write four (4) articles per day, 6 days per week (or 24 articles per week)
– Must be able to source where you found your information
– Must be able to work according to US time zone (PST)
– This is serious job. It must be 100% unique and original, if not, you risk legal action!

= = Pay rate: = =

I pay writers weekly through ScripLance and have never had a complaint. The pay rate for this job is $5.00 per article, with a possible raise of $7 per article if you are good in the next project/

Bonuses will available to writers who produce EXCELLENT writing and great turnaround time.

You can be as creative as you wish. I only want to judge your writing ability.

= = Important Information: = =

Please place your bid for 40 articles per week. I will follow up on all bidders who I feel will succeed in this position.

You will have to sign an agreement

Thank you and good luck!

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