Profession Leveling Guides Wow

Profession Leveling Guides Wow
Profession Leveling Guides World of Warcraft

This is a fairly simply writing project and an easy one for someone who is familiar with wow. (World of Warcraft) What I need is profession leveling guides 1-450 for all the crafting professions and cooking. So that would be:

1. Blacksmithing
2. Leatherworking
3. Enchanting
4. Tailoring
5. Engineering
6. Inscription.
7. Jewelcrafting
8. Cooking

You can write the document in word or open office. I can furnish you examples of how other people have done this, and will before you start the project. While there are numerous examples on the Internet (just do a Google search for: wow professions) you need to actually do you own original work and make sure it is accurate. In order to do so you will have to be familiar with WoW and preferably have an active account.

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