Sms Auto-response Software

Sms Auto-response Software
I want an SMS auto-responder system. When I receive an SMS, the system would parse the message and shoot back automatically pre-configured replies according to the keyword in the sms. We need this implemented in 2 or more of the following 3 methods:

Method 1:
Desktop software to be designed that works with most mobile devices, GSM Modems, and SMS Gateways.
The software should be similar to the software that can be downloaded at this website: (remove the (xxx))
I want it to have the same features as this software but also with the following added features:
• The software would only work with the IMEI number that is configured in it for some mobile or GSM modem. This way, I would configure the software to work only with some IMEI number for one customer and another IMEI number for another. The software would not be able to work except with the mobile/GSM modem that has the IMEI number it is configured to.
• Supports sending MMS and WAP Push messages.
• Saves all incoming messages along with the date/time and sender’s phone number and all this information can be exported to Excel, Access Database, or Text File.
• Software should have a “default” message that would be responded back if the keyword in the message did not match any of the other keywords.
• Software should respond back with the “default” message reply even if the sent message was blank.
• If I get an incoming call, the system should auto-reply to that number with some pre-configured message (special message just for any incoming calls). We should be able to turn OFF this feature.
• Ability to import contacts into the software from Excel, Database, or Text file.
• If I receive an sms with the keyword “unsubscribe” then the system would flag that number. The software should check before sending out any sms and skip sending to any number that is flagged. Also, I should be able to later add back that number and clear the unsubscription flag on that number.
• Works on most Windows platforms (Windows XP, Vista, 7).
• Can support sending messages in different languages (minimum English, French, Spanish and Arabic)

Please specify how you intend to implement the first feature (configuring each software copy to some IMEI number).

Method 2:
The same as Method 1, however, the software should connect with the internet every time it starts up and checks the user’s credentials against the database. Then it downloads the number of allowed credits for the user. The number of credits decrements as messages are sent and then software would stop functioning once the user is out of credits. A website interface would be created to allow users to purchase more credits using PayPal.

Method 3:
I want an SMS auto-responder website like this one: http://www.txt2(xxx) (remove the (xxx))
When we receive an SMS, the website would parse the message and shoot back automatically pre-configured replies according to the keyword in the SMS.
Please create a Free Account and study the website well to know all of its capabilities.
The idea is that each user would be given a Keyword and would be allowed to create X number of sub-keywords. For example, a user can have the keyword ABC and sub-keyword A1 and A2. Then if their customer wants information about A1 product, he would send any of the following text messages:
• A1 ABC
• A1 “at” ABC (“at” here is the email symbol)
• A1 – ABC

The website above currently only supports the type of keywords like “subkeyword at keyword”.
This can be implemented as a desktop application connected to a GSM modem and connected to the website, or it can be done with the use of an SMS Gateway.

I would prefer a CMS solution such Drupla or Joomla to base this on. Both platforms have some SMS modules you could build upon.

For all 3 Methods, please make sure to download the software and study it along with the website well first before biding.
Of course the software should be able to support endless number of keywords and the responses to each one. It should not crash and can run 24/7.

Let me know which programming languages and compilers you intend to use. I would like to be provided the source code at the end.

For the methods requiring internet connectivity, let me know how you intend to create the website. I would like to be provided the source code at the end.

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