Fixes Needed To Databse And Si

Fixes Needed To Databse And Si
Below is what my database does right now , its not fully done I have some minor functions that need to be done to it like functions that include when writers log in they want to talk to a customer some of the buttons need to be added or removed, need to add a new section where all the orders go for each writer so they are more organized theres like 5-7 fixes to it pay is 200 for all the fixes I have attached image files to explain the fixes. See attach images for fixes. Also i need to add a back button 2 more back buttons on the order form at the top of it , there only 1 right now on the order form at the bottm the reason why we need back butons on the preview page isbecuase once you hit preview you cant go back as it is link to database the only way to go back so you have the saved info is if you use the back buttons intergrated into the site.

We need a databse m,ade so all our employees can log into it including the owner. We are a writing company , so we have writers , proofers , writer managers and hiring manager and regional manager and owner , The over all set up of the database will allow the writers to grab oders from 2 sites that are linked to the database , and then upload the order to the proof readers after the writers have written up to the proof readers. Then the proof reader grab the order then when done the proof reader submit it to the finalized section where the writing manager checks it then sends it out. This database will also be like a so everyone will have there own email address and inbox , sent box , and compose box , also this database will have a function for the managers to fire ppl if needed , also when an order is placed when a writer grabs the order the customer will get email the writer email address that took it., then there is my biggest function that is kinda tricky that i need done , We have 2 writing sites so this will gather order from 2 sites 1 is made and runnning the other is not almost done in 3 weeks.

Hard function
· There will be a master section “writer managers / regional /owner can see this section” where all papers that are ordered from our sites will keep track of all orders so we can make sure if a customer ordered a paper also my merchant account email address will be linked to the database in this section so when the customer officially checks out the database will get an email say that customer paid, this way writer managers can make sure the customer checked out. Once the order is checked out by the customer the database will get another email that will have customer name on it and number and email address , this is the tricky part , the database will then need to scan the merchant account email to see if it matches the order forms customer phone number or first name and last name or email address so we know the customer actually checked out then once this happens the database will send the order to the New writing assignments section. If the database notices that customer name or order description matches again from a previous order it will not send that order to the New writing assignments section unless the order description is different that the customer inputed in the order form or if it’s the next business day. If the customer wants to order multiple orders they must input different order descriptions each time. This way the database will see this as a new order. Lets say the customer fills the order form out 3 times but doesn’t check out but then the 4th time they do the database will send the most recent order form to the New writing assignments section.

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