WordPress Site Conversion

WordPress Site Conversion

My name is Jack,

I am looking for a WordPress designer to convert our current website to a WordPress layout.

Our current design is www.LabBocaRaton.com

The new design is mix of:
1) www.LabBocaRaton.com
2) http://www.thecreativeunderground.com/ALTN/
3) http://www.miamilabtest.com/

ad 1) The text content can be taken from www.LabBocaRaton.com

ad 2) we like the right menu selection (http://www.thecreativeunderground.com/ALTN/)

– Separate pages for Home, Clinical, STD, Drug, Employer, Thyroid, Pregnancy, PSA, Cholesterol

 If possible, the same style for the horizontal menu bar as the website http://www.anylabtestnow.com/

 Link for scheduler http://tungle.me/AnyLabTestNow

 If you click on DNA and you choose one of the sub item than the blue box goes automatically back on clinical . We would like to have it stay on DNA with submenus.

We would like it to be more obvious that you are on the clinical page if you click on clinical or for any of the other menu in the blue box. Perhaps we can accomplish that by choosing another color.

 We would like to show prices on the STD pages and on the Drug pages —

Separate pages for cholesterol, psa, thyroid and pregnancy with their own submenus and the link in the these tests in the clinical menu.

 FAQ implemented as: http://www.apollostockmanager.com/faqsimple.aspx

– Change in ‘IT’S NOT ANY LAB TEST EVENTUALLY. IT’s’ in ‘Easy & Fast, 15 min In and Out’
On each main page (Home, Clinical, STD, Drug, Employer, Thyroid, Pregnancy, PSA, Cholesterol) we want to have the same setup as the home page. Each page has it related picture but also if people click in the picture than a related video start. We will provide some video’s related to the pages
– Address and phone number should be text (for Google maps SEO)

ad 3) this template we like the most of it (http://www.miamilabtest.com/)

1) mid section home page (we like the easy test select from our page)
2) Rotating picture home page
3) Coupon image and page
4) glossary for SEO http://www.miamilabtest.com/glossary-of-lab-testing-terms
5) Select lab test with category (missing search box)
6) Take home menu download pdf http://www.miamilabtest.com/take-home-menu
7) The site seems to be very SEO optimized.

General website requirements:
a) pages should be easy to navigate
b) SEO optimized
c) with central search box

This is an easy job for the right person. My budget is maximum of $300

Use “Lab” in the subject of your reply; otherwise, I will not accept your bid.

I will be paying FAST through scriptlance by paypal.

I would like to thank you for reading my project. I appreciate it.



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