WordPress Fixes Need Now

WordPress Fixes Need Now
+++++++++++ NUMBER 1 ++++++++++++++++
If you got to: utahaccidentattorney.info

You will see the top navigation:


I need it to be


I then need categories to be fixed… If you currently click on categories it goes to a categories page, I don’t want it to do that at all. I want it so: You click on categories, the ‘hover’ stays on and the drop down menu appears, now in the drop down menu, I want to display all the catagories I currently have “medical, cases, etc”. WHen they select lets say Medical, they will see all the posts related to medical.

Then, on the contact button, I want a very simple but fills out the same width wise with a contact form

[Phone Number:]
[How Did You Find Us:]

I need it sent to my email. I need it to say thanks when its submitted.

+++++++++++++++++++++ NUMBER TWO +++++++++++++++++++++

ON the right hand side where it says “CHECK IN WITH US” I need the “links” removed and I want only “Latests Posts” left.

++++++++++++++++++++ NUMBER THREE ++++++++++++++++++++

POPULAR ENTRIES widget, I need the “Popular Posts” removed. So it can all slide up. I need the “comment” and “posts” to be the same color as the ‘catagories’ links on the right hand side, on hover I want it to be black. I just need that to look better.

+++++++++++++++++ NUMBER FOUR +++++++++++++++++++++

I need the Categories widget i need just that word to be capitalized.

Just make this site fit in with the bottom.

Id like to change the top of each widget with a new graphic:

So it fits in with the bottom, so I will need that done to.

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