WordPress Sales Page Tweaks

WordPress Sales Page Tweaks
This would be a simple job with someone that is a wordpress expert and has some graphic ability. Don’t respond if you can’t do both.

Here’s what I need.

1. Fix wordpress pages so titles do not appear on pages.
2. Fix aweber form that is not displaying correctly on page.
3. Determine how to securely put content on different pages for each weeks content so others can’t easily get into it that have not paid.
4. Sales page needs alignment tweaks.
5. Sales page needs “add to cart” button section that’s linked to from the claim your free cd button (I already have claim your free cd button) ** I have attached a picture as an example of how this section
needs to look.
6. Font size on sales page needs to be larger, easier to read.
7. I also need a cd graphic that uses the same graphic as my header on the top of my pages. You don’t have to come up with the graphic, just put in on a cd type of picture so I can show them what they will be getting. ** attached picture as an expample.

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