Wp Theme Installation/config.

Wp Theme Installation/config.

I need :

1. configure this theme on my server http://folioblogger.pixel8tion.net/ (already installed, but not all functions are working, I have PDF help file)
2. Make index page like http://folioblogger.pixel8tion.net/category/blog BUT add a scroller from http://folioblogger.pixel8tion.net/
So main page content should be: scroller and then FIVE latest blog’s entries. NO right side column on this page, nothing else.
Also remove “Category: Featured | Web” wording from scroller: screenshot + title + text + ‘more’ button are enough
4. I still need a right column on the Article detail page (http://folioblogger.pixel8tion.net/typography/)
3. Disable comments
4. Enable RSS
5. For each blog post add “Tweet” , “Share”/with dropdown menu “Most Popular Services” (see image attached, I think it’s addthis plugin) and “Subscribe RSS” links/buttons
6. Add 7 posts entry (I have screenshots for every post) with lipsum text description: two in “portfolio” category and five in “featured” category, I’ll edit dummy text later. So on the main page we’ll have 5 screenshots in the scroller + latest five posts

Please see screen1.jpg for a final index page setup; screen2 – for a blog and screen3- for an article


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