WordPress Theme Changes

WordPress Theme Changes
I’m wanting a couple of changes to the theme I’m using for one of my sites.

The theme is TMA at http://themasterplan.in/tma with a screen at http://rewind.themasterplan.in/wp-content/uploads/2007/09/home_preview_themorningafte.png

I’m wanting to do three things

1 – the main item has a full width image, with the blog entry underneath it. I want this to have a narrower image to the left of the text of the blog entry

2 – there is a single ‘Featured Post’ item on the main page, I want it to have as many as there are blogs with this category selected

3 – the various thumbs for recent posts etc are all square ie 64×64 sizes thumbs, and I’d like them to be 64 wide and 80 long

Wanting a quick turnaround!

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