WordPress Member Plugin

WordPress Member Plugin
I need a full featured Plugin for WordPress to manage users and memberships with all the functions of aMember Pro.
Attached you’ll find the aMember Pro feature List.
I don’t need a integration of aMember. I need a new and stand-alone Plugin for wordpress.

General Requirements :

– manage memberships, membergroups and rights
– manage payments
– oo-design
– use of the current wordpress API (like the WP Wiget API of 2.8)
– only support for wordpress > 2.8
– full documented source-code
– full integration in the wordpress member and rigts system (extend the default member, post, categories forms with the given wordpress hooks)
– all features from the reature-list below
– wordpress-like admin-area
– user functions must also be at the wordpress front-end
– add required template-tags and widgets (login, myaccount …)
– templates for all eMails, changeable at the admin-panel with the wordpress editor
– fully localized (with the default wordpress translation functions)
– hooks to integrate other plugins
– gravity-forms must be integrated to add/edit/change custom-fields

If you can’t do the plugin as required or in time you have to pay a fee of 250USD to me.
I only pay something if the full plugin is finished as required. No part or milestone payments.
Only SF Escrow payment.

Feature aMember Pro
Customer side features
– Automated signups and expirations Y
– Checks your database to avoid duplicate usernames Y
– User is able to check unique user name availability during signup Y
– Can generate simple usernames and passwords for users (optionally) Y
– The signup form fields checked for completeness. Your custom checking may be simply added Y
– Can protect any files/directories. Your customers never see annoying popup login window again – The login form is completely customizable Y
– Unlimited number of products (subscription types), each with own price, expiration and ANY other parameters. You able to handle any number and combination of products/protected files and(or) directories Y
– Members may have multiple subscriptions simultaneously (for different products) with only one username/password for all them Y
– Automated account expiration handling. Memberships are automatically terminated after expiring. Members will still be able to visit special their member profile pages and renew their subscriptions Y
– Automatically monitor visitors with the same username/password. If the configured limit is reached, the account is disabled instantly. Y
– E-mails the username/password to the customer after signup is completed Y
– E-mails to the customer when (before or after – configurable) their subscription expires Y
– E-mails to customers when they didn’t complete payment Y
– E-mails to customers when they completed first stage of signup Y
– Special customizable pages for members with a list of completed payments, renewal control and links to pro-tected areas Y
– Members are able to change their profile information, such as phone number, address, email and password Y
– Ability to send password by email for members who forgot their passwords Y
– Admin side features
– Powerful Admin control panel Y
– E-mail broadcast to your customers. E-mail to all of your customers, expired customers as well as customers of a specified product Y
– Search members by username, name, email, sub-scription type (product) and/or by any string in profile Y
– Manually add members and add subscriptions with desired start & expiration date Y
– The script has it’s own error and access log Y
– Customizable reports Y

Supported Payment Methods
– 60+ third party payment processors supported – full list here
– Free – to allow free signup Y
– Moderated Free – admin must approve accounts Y
– Offline payments: ex.: Western Union, Money Order, offline cheques Y
– Ability to easily create new plugins (powerful and easy plugin interface) Y
– Available protection/integration plugins
– 30+ third party scripts integrations available – full list here
php_include Y
– Adding unlimited number of custom fields to products, subscriptions and members without changing database structure!
– Ability to assign validity checks for new fields. Y
– Ability to add your own protection and payment plugins. Easy integration with your existing site solutions Y

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