Two New Wordpres Plugins (2)

Two New Wordpres Plugins (2)
I need 2 new or rewritten wordpress plugins.

1. Booking-Manager

– same functionality as the hotel/premium-release of the existing booking-calender-plugin !!! Please take a look at the homepage of the plugin to watch the functions (you could find it at I don’t have this plugin.

additional features

– possibility to add timeframes. Global timeframe managemet and management for each day. (e.g. 09AM – 10AM, 11PM – 12PM) If no timeframe is managed the day only could be full booked.
– booking possibility for each timeframe.
– possibility to add the number of parallel bookings for each day and/or each timeframe (09AM – 10AM = 10 Bookings (10 persons, 10 seats ..))
– possibilty to add price-ranges for each event (e.g. bad-seats = 20USD, good-seats = 50USD)
– all possibilitys must reflect at the front-page

2. Event-Manager

– same functionality as the existing event-manager-plugin (you could find it at


– add possibilitys to manage recruring events for one day (e.g. from 15:00 to 20:00, every 1 hour)
– if booking-manager is installed it’s possible to manage bookings for each events with the possibility to define the number of bookings for each event. This must also works with recurring events.

Both Plugins must :

– OO-Design with current wordpress-APIs (like the widget-api from WP 2.8)
– full localized (so it’s possible to translate the strings with poEdit)
– all Front-End Outputs must be template-driven with a template-system like the one from wordpress, so it’s possible to add/change the layout for different themes.
– full documented code

I only pay with SF escrow after project is finished, but only if the project fits to the all of the descibed requirements.

With your bid you agree to pay a fee of 250USD if you could finish the project in time or as required.

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