Site Like Etsy

Site Like Etsy
This ecommerce site (with multiple shops should integrate with wordpress and mail chimp) – allowing rich interaction between the blogging and newsletter features and the products in the market.

An online market where merchants each have their own “store” which they can log into and manage themselves.

Customers interested in buying could come to the site and look by individual “store” or could search by general category (such as “fashion” “art” “gifts” or by subcategories (ie: “wine glasses” “hats”).

Categories and sub categories would be managed (added, deleted, edited) by site admin.

Each store would be approved by us, but managed by the store owner.
Each store would display their own logo. (look and feel)

Each store would use the merchants’ own payment processes, we will not have any of the dollars coming through our business.

It would be clear to the buyer that they are buying from the individual merchants, not from us.

The cost to the merchant would work much like etsy. No cost to register, a small cost to list each item (and a higher cost if the item is “featured”). There would be a charge that is a percentage of any sale. Not sure yet how this would work, perhaps we would need to bill them.

Each item being sold would have a photo or graphic and a description. Each item would have bulk pricing available. Shipping costs would be added at purchase according to the store owners set up preferences. The costs, bulk pricing, shipping costs, photos, descriptions, etc would all be managed by the store owner.

We would have a “buy” and “sell” link and accompanying pages such as etsy. Buy would be the landing page.

We would have a “featured store” and “recently listed items” are such as etsy.

Instead of “hand picked items” (as on etsy) we would display “featured items” which would be chosen by the merchant selecting that option (at a cost) or by an admin selecting the item(s).

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