Data Entry – Simple

Data Entry – Simple
I have a simple data entry project:
You will need to visit 2 websites, and enter information about doctors. For the first website, you will only need to enter the doctor name, specialty, select which clinic and hospital they work at, upload a photo, and some small education info.

You will be creating a wordpress page for each doctor. The page template is already set up, you just enter the info into the boxes and publish. There are about 200 doctors for the first site.

For the second site, you will need to enter the doctors and their clinics. There are a total of about 500 doctors for the second site.

This is a very simple project, I have been working on it for a few weeks but I don’t have the time to complete it now. Each doctor page took me about 20-30 seconds each, including load time. I will give you full details when I select your bid.

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