WordPress Plugin Modification

WordPress Plugin Modification
I am using the plugin WP Robot from http://wprobot.net I have the full package with all modules including Flickr image module.

I am using a theme that uses TimThumb to display images. In order for the images to work properly with my theme, each post needs a custom field with Name/Key of “Thumbnail” and a Value of the image URL relative to my site root, for example “images/pic.jpg”.

What I need is for images to be added to each post that WP Robot makes in way of a custom field as described above. It needs to work every time WP Robot makes a post, so that it is completely automatic.

WP Robot plugin does not have a way to add this custom field to each post, but it does have the ability to collect images from flickr according to keywords.

You can either use the Flickr images from WP Robot, or randomly pick images from a directory on my server, or pull them randomly from the built in Media Library in wordpress. Any of these methods of getting the images are fine, I just need them added a a custom field that will work with TimThumb.

If you have any questions please ask.

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