It And X-cart Help

It And X-cart Help

I need some minor fixes to my X-cart based website, as well as some fixes to my blog and email accounts. They are small changes but it would be time consuming to list them down. Rather, I would just like to hire someone for a week to make these changes. I won’t know the full scope of the work until I come to know of the issues as they arise (and once they do, I need prompt help).
A few examples of the minor tasks include: fixing the paragraph setting in WordPress so that hard returns show, changing the font size of the WordPress, switching email accounts to work on Google Apps, fixing the size of my zoom photos, changing the skin of my website. And of course, explaining all of this stuff so I can do it myself next time.

Some of the skills you would need include:
– HTML knowledge
– Cpanel and FTP knowledge
– Google Apps
– X-cart
– WordPress

Only native English speakers please.

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