Fix My Broken Php Script

Fix My Broken Php Script
Hello everyone,
My name is Jonathan 🙂

Thanks for taking the time to read this project …

I am a certified top 10 webmaster at Scriptlance, and I want to
hire a true professional to find out why my PHP script is broken.

The script was created here at Scriptlance – but the original
programmer is no longer available. (He has a normal day job and
does not have the time to help me anymore)

The script allows me to convert PDF files to another format.
It is based in PHP and uses MySQL. It is a complicated script
but a good programmer will understand it quickly …

Your job will involve 3 tasks:

1. View, learn and understand how the script works.

2. Determine why it is broken and then fix it …

3. Offer ideas on how to improve the script.

This script is very important to me, and if you can fix it,
then I will give you many tasks in the future. I have a big
budget this year, and I am looking for a great programmer …

Please understand – that I am not going to release any more
information about the script. You will need to trust me, and
place your bid. This is not binding, and you can change your
bid price once you have examined the script.

I am looking for an excellent and honest programmer (or a team),
and the code you will be working with cost me a lot of money to
develop. I have paid a premium to own the copyright to this code
and I expect confidentiality and an honest approach to this task.

Please check my feedback. Over 160 projects with perfect scores.
I understand how hard you work, and I will pay you appropriately.

I look forward to reviewing your bids.

Please note – do not bid if you don’t have a LOT of experience
with PHP scripts. I need someone who is ready for a challenge 🙂


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