Sugar-wordpress Connector

Sugar-wordpress Connector
The task is to find a connection between the Campaign Manager of SugarCRM and the cformsII – form editor plugin in wordpress.

Users of WordPress cformsII should have the following additional global settings parameter:
*) SugarCRM webservice URL
*) SugarCRM username (if required for SugarCRM Webservice)
*) SugarCRM password (if required for SugarCRM Webservice)

While defining a form in WordPress cformII, users can add an additional field of new type “SugarCRM Campaign” which should display in an pulldown list all the campaigns defined in SugarCRM.

When a user of the WordPress Website fills out any form containing a SugarCRM Campaign, the SugarCRM webservice should be called and a new lead should be passed to the CRM.

The WordPress admin page should also be registered in SugarCRMs Portal list.

This is the task for this single project.

Further extensions (administrative tasks) should also be considered as following projects.

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