Passionate WordPress Coder

Passionate WordPress Coder

I’m looking for someone who I will use as my MAIN programmer for all my future projects. To be more precise, if I see long term potential with you, you are with us, as long as this project is alive.

The person has to be someone who is Passionate about programming(more important than anything else), is experienced with WordPress programming, is hardworking, loves challenging work, sticks to deadlines and communicates with me frequently.

This is a TEST project to weed out the excusers from the real deal, and to work with only those who really want fun&challenging work and a long term relationship.

I did the same for a Graphics Design Job, we have already completed 4 projects with that person in a very short time. Check my recent reviews and you will understand that I am always true to my word.


This might sound like a project that you might not really like at first site but keep on reading. I’m posting this chunk job, only because it’s the next step in our project right now. Otherwise I would have to make something up.

With our designer, we have created a new design for our WordPress site. It is a very WordPress similar design, with a header-menu-big middle container-small rightside container-footer. Because of this similarity I think you will have an easy time.


-EVERYTHING- you need design wise(slicing, resizing etc.) we will provide with our Graphics Designer.

I want you to be assured that we will be there to help you, not drown you with unneccesary work.


I only work with single programmers(team of 2 at most). No Agency, Programming Company, We are this , we are that bla bla bla. The reason is I need daily(almost real time) communication when we are in a project. And I don’t like working with middle men.

I only work with people who actually read the project descriptions. This is a HINT for you. (For a good laugh, watch how many losers will bid with, we are this we are that)

I am very prompt with payment, clear with communication and detailed in what I expect, I need the same level of seriousness on your part.


Since this is a special case, I will discuss with you over PMB about when you can get this done.(I will send you mockups as well so that you can see how it feels for you)

After we settle on a date, I expect getting the work done, by the deadline we set.


Please answer these questions for me :

How long have you been working with WordPress?
What is the thing that you like the most about programming?
Are you going to be available for future work on a consistent basis, or are you always busy?

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