Wp Calender Allow Advance Post

Wp Calender Allow Advance Post
Need this WP calendar script changed so that I can change and pick the date that my post will be entered on. I don’t want the post date to be the date that I actually entered the post.

If I enter an event on September 16th for an event that will occur on September 30th I want that event to show on the date of September 30th not September 16th

I want to be able to post on a calendar date in the future.
I can not use the future post feature. I need to have a future event show up on the calendar on that future events date even though it is posted today.

Posting today for an event on October 1st needs to show up on the calendar today on the calendar for the date of October 1st.

See calendar at:http://bit.ly/iiP2M

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