Image Upload Function For Wp

Image Upload Function For Wp
Hi Guys,

I am creating an affiliate plugin for wordpress and need a function creating that will allow the user to upload banners for the affiliates to use.

I already have the majority of this function created. Currently the user can enter a name and description for the banner and add it to the database however I still need the ability to upload an image file and save it to a directory on the server.

Here is what I need:

– I need the uploaded banners to be saved to the location:


If this directory is not yet created it will need to be created once the first image is uploaded.

– Users have the ability to choose whether to upload the banner to the directory on enter a url. If the url is chosen the url info needs to be saved to the database.

– When the file has been uploaded I need to display a message saying ‘File Uploaded Successfully’

– If a file in the banners directory already has the same name as the one the user is currently trying to upload I need them to be given the option to overwrite the file or rename it.

To see the current plugin you can go to:

user: admin
Pass: lemon666

Please scroll down to the affiliate center menu and click on the resources section and there you will see the banner upload section.

Before bidding please let me know you have checked out the plugin and can complete the project.



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