WordPress 75 Video Site Needed

WordPress 75 Video Site Needed
I need a basic starter video site to communicate some ideas to an investor group. Site should consist of (1) a Home page/squeeze page to communicate the purpose of the site. Home page to have video buttons down one side or across the top as per WordPress “elegant Themes eVid”

Registration buttons for Investors and inventors, payment options (possibly via shopping cart plug-in).

(2) Page for Inventors/Small Businesses seeking funding. There may be up to 5 sub-pages off this

(3) Page for Investors. There may be up to 5 sub-pages off this.

(4) FAQ Page

(5) Contact Page

The aim of the site is to bring investors and inventors together by using short video presentations or pitches. So inventors need to be able to upload a video that investors can watch and review.

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