Psd Files To WordPress

Psd Files To WordPress

Alright, I can’t find any coder, every coder that has tried to do this has vanished, trying again.

1. Optimize site to 1024 x 768
2. The Index page will feature a large promotional Flash area wherein announcements and promotions are featured. Visitors can easily navigate through the Flash “banners”. This area should be easily edited by Marketing via a control panel, allowing Flash components to be uploaded or deleted. The control panel needs to provide management for all markets.
3. Change primary navigation to expanding tabs along the top.
4. Nav above the “top nav”: Login link, a shopping cart link, a search field, and a market/language pull-down.
5. Clicking on the login link takes you to a page or pop-up wherein you input your ID (for PCs and Associates) or create a retail user account for shopping. From there users can continue on to shopping or access the virtual office.
6. Possible links include: Humanitarian Work, Direct Selling
7. Country selection: Once a visitor selects their country/language via a pull-down in the top nav, a cookie will record that preference for future visits.
8. New markets/languages need to be live upon launch, and easily added afterwards.
9. Improved activation process (details tbd)
10. Online shopping is moved from the Virtual Office to a shopping section that does not require a login until checkout.
11. New pages include:
a. Category pages
b. Product Testimonial
c. Product FAQs
d. Shopping section
e. Humanitarian Work
f. Associate Recognition (expanded)
g. Corporate FAQs
h. Sales Tools
i. Max Living
j. Max Solutions
k. Press Room
l. Max4u
12. Expanded, integrated events section (details tbd)
13. SEO enhancements
a. Meta Description: tbd
b. Meta Keywords: tbd
c. Leverage social media
d. Registration with appropriate SEM organizations such as, etc.
14. Website icon needs to be updated and added to the site
15. Feedback mechanism – Provide users a way to provide both corporate and website usability feedback.
16. Search functionality
17. Expanded Backoffice (details tbd)
18. Ability to easily swap out the main site logo for special holiday and event logos

I have 2 generic templates that I want to pick from when I make a new page.

If interested reply to this and put “5days” or I will not take your bid.

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