WordPress Widget Customization

WordPress Widget Customization
Hi, I am looking for someone who has a good knowledge of wordpress, widgets, plugins etc etc.

I need a customization done on my website. I think it should be pretty easy for someone who knows what they are doing…

Basically I want to have a randomized blogroll in my sidebar, that will show a custom number of links (15 to 25) at any one time. But I need to be able to add hundreds (maybe thousands) of links into the blogroll list, and just have a random 25 links show at any one time.

i found a plugin that can do exactly this. “Better Blogroll” but I cannot get it working with my current theme because it only has set widgets, and I need another one to add the new plugin.

I hope that makes sense, as I said it should be pretty easy for anyone who knows this stuff.

I am also looking for this to be done ASAP.

If you think you can help, please give me an estimate of how much it will cost, and assure me that you are comfortable with wordpress, plugins, widgets, php, css, etc etc.


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