Psd To WordPress

Psd To WordPress

I have a VERY EXTREME wordpress design that needs to be done. I’m attaching screen shots.. Needs to be done by Sunday!

The homepage is different then the rest of the pages, but I want the site to be static.

The homepage the navigation will be on all pages and is just whatever coding you want, however, below the navigation is a flash piece so I need a place to add the flash element(you will not be making the flash), under that is the footer that will be spread apart on ALL pages.

The rest of the site is regular wordpress.

$100 bonus and $50.00/month for pages for this wordpress I will need developed if done correctly and on time.


Design concepts at:


I have 2 generic templates that I will be using mostly thoughout the website, I need to be able to pick what template page I want to use.


– Please respond back, and put “5days” at the top of your bid/post to me so I know you read it.


I need the country drop down to work, with the arrow pointing down when its clicked on.
These don’t need to work, but I will talk about it with u.

On the homepage I need to be able to switch out the image and put a SWF in.

I have a generic.psd and a generic2.psd, I need both those sliced and psd ready, need to be able to replace
the banners on them. I need to use a font like u see on all the pages, I also need the breadcrumbs to work on top of the banners.

On shopping cart/login make it so its able to code later on, just make it drop down.


Page: homepage_lg:
I need the drop down for languages to work with a good translator plugin installed


Page: homepage_Nav:
I need the navigation to be in that type of font where I can change, and add, I also need it
to have a transparent background with those colums.


Page: homepage_sc:
I need the login to drop down and be working but not go anywhere (so I can type stuff in but
in reality its broken, need arrow to point down when selected)

As for shopping cart Just make it a link to #.

Also, make search function working.


Page: ProductinfoPage
I need it to have breadcrumbs at the top over the banner, but have iton TOP of the image and just words
also, need to be able to replace image.

I need to be able to add all those products as well as click here to learn more which will go to
the product page.

Need the left nav working as well and able to add more, need it to highlight like that and stay
selected when onthat page, need footer working


Page: Sportspage

This is the product page for all the products on productinfopage
I need the enlarge image to work so I can select he image and blow up the picture
Need that little mini image up top with bread crumbs above it
Need a print page button working
Need to be able to edit the colums, navs, ect.
As for the add to cart, just make a spot for that so I can add the QTY, our javca guy
will code the rest
Make the product FAQ, Product Video, Product flier just pop up in a lighthouse javascript or something


My coder hasn’t shown me a damn update, so I will need updates DAILY! Do not bid if you don’t have any feedback.

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