WordPress Password Plugin

WordPress Password Plugin
I am looking for someone to create a very simple plugin for wordpress. I want it to enable password protecting an entire category. It should integrate into the categories section and let you add a password for each category. I want to be able to add and manage the passwords from the wordpress admin. This should not make use of .htaccess files. Each category should be able to have an independent password.

Then, when a visitor comes to my site and they want to look at posts in a particular category, they will be asked for the password.

I am using my wordpress site as a photography portfolio. I will be shooting ten weddings and want to have a category for each wedding. I will then give out a password to each bride so she can see her photos. The password for her wedding/category should be different from another bride’s wedding/category. It should also work for child categories. That way I could have a category of “weddings” and then child categories of wedding one and wedding two etc.

That’s a lot of details for a rather simple request. I hope its clear.

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