WordPress To Buddypress

WordPress To Buddypress
Well we need a designer to help us make a BuddyPress Theme.

What we have (and designer will, off course):

Original theme: deluxethemes.com/comfy/

BuddyPress original theme: buddypress.org/

BuddyPress documentation is huge and list of theme calls is open.

And we need someone to code the buddypress theme to look and feel like Comfy with additional features of BP. The look of Comfy should stay and additional second raw of main menu have to be added with buddy links. All BP profiles, Groups, forums should be look like integration in Comfy.

The main Page of the site should include 3 more columns close to footer with latest member activity (blogging, last members, forum postings). The side bar should include members online.

Users can create their own blogs wich should use the main theme but the main page of their blog should display full posts instead of Titles of the main site.

Give us a quote and we will discuss the final price.

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