Buttons Automatically Atbottom

Buttons Automatically Atbottom
I need 3 horizontal buttons to automatically appear at the bottom of every blog article posted on my wordpress blog, without me manually pasting these buttons at the bottom each time. Without plugin, can this work? In this way, I can just concentrate on posting words on my blog each time, knowing these 3 buttons will automatically appear at the bottom of each blog article posted. One more thing: The buttons should carry hyperlink inserted, so clicking on each one re-directs user to a certain url I want.

I have these 3 buttons designed already. Waiting for this above action.

In addition, I have 3 rows of 4 very small buttons per row ready to automatically appear below the lowest of the 3 horizontal buttons mentioned above. Again, they should carry hyperlinks embedded and appear at bottom whenever I post new, wordy articles on my blog.

The above should apply technically to all the themes on my blog.

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