WordPress To Ipb Bridge

WordPress To Ipb Bridge
1) Integrate my wordpress register/login with IPB register/login (Will Converge + the WP Module work for this?)

2) Instead of Recent Posts (on wordpress) make it show Recently Created Forum Topics? (http://artisticmind.net/nwswp, you can see where I want it. Is this just a simple RSS Feed to integrate?)

3) When I “publish” a story on WP, I want it to create a Topic in the forum,preferably, if I publish a story in the auto category, it makes a post in the auto forum (Appleinsider.com and Macrumors.com have this, but post in 1 forum)

4) How to make it so people can’t leave comments on wordpress, but when they click Comment, it takes them to the topic in the forum to post (see #3)… also (Appleinsider.com and Macrumors.com have this)

Something similar to this: http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=205388

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