WordPress For Veterinary

WordPress For Veterinary
This website is for a Veterinary. I want a function where: –
· People can list their lost/found pets on their vet(s) websites.
1. A customer/visitor can list their lost pet on the website and attach pictures and description about their pet in what will become a blog like post.
2. The visitor can also create a brochure with pet picture in color. This is the brochure they can print and hang in public places.
a. The brochure will have look exactly like those on http://amberpetalert.com only the vet/website owner logo or web address will be embedded.
3. Others can comment or reply to lost pet postings and the post owner will receive notification emails about replies
4. Posters can say when they find their pet and the post will be listed as found. Others can continue to comment about the lost pet.
· People can share their pets’ stories, pictures and others can respond to their posts, pet pictures (blog post simplified). Here, they can show off their pets in various categories (sub-blog categories) like cats, dogs, birds, etc. There will be a section created for pet grieving and memorials (all I need here is when one create a category in the blog under this section, the entry page is updated.) People can also vote for the best pet picture, story etc and the top voted pet becomes the “met of the month”. See http://www.mypetdoctor.com/mypet/

The end product will be a sellable/installable website for vets. The client sell this website package to the vets and they can just copy this code in the server and they need to install the website easily with a help of installation form and they need to customize the website CSS, color, fonts, font styles, background, header from website admin panel itself.

We will just provide the design template which has to be converted to a wordpress theme.

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