Megento/cms Integration & Dev

Megento/cms Integration & Dev
We are a Washington DC based company that provides on-line professional training courses and resources for the Digital Media profession, specifically the fields of 3D Design, Web Development, Graphics & Web Design, Multimedia, Digital Filmmaking and Digital Photography. Our courses are available as long-form formal ‘certificate’ courses, short-form informal workshops and mentor seminar groups. All course types make extensive use of ‘live’ instructor and group delivered presentations.

In a nutshell this is a two phase integration project; phase 1 using Magento combined with a suitable CMS plugin or application (such as wordpress) to deliver the public and student admissions site, and phase 2, the Learning Management System (LMS) in the form of Moodle, extended by Elgg, the social networking platform.

For phase 1 of the development, we need a contractor familiar with Magento and a suitable CMS solution of these platforms to convert our existing website models into a production ready, e-learning centric Web2.0 e-commerce site. It is envisioned that the public site uses Magento + CMS (such as wordpress) to provide a campus ‘e-commerce portal’ supporting the delivery of dynamic course information content, company and course based blogs, including integration with mySpace, Facebook, and Twitter for sharing content, and the facility for developing email marketing strategies such as regular email blasts and newsletters; integrated with full e-commerce resources that enable users to pay for and enrol on a course or courses of their choice. For phase 1, we expect to use the community version of Magento and would prefer the task to be completed with minimal (preferably no) code changes to the open source components.

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