WordPress Rss Feed Fix

WordPress Rss Feed Fix
The site I am working on is SBCTeaParty{dot}com.
I am trying to get news feeds to post automatically in my home page under the category Conservative Republican News & Reports. I am using the WordPress plugin Feedwordpress and that works, however, it won’t import images. Also, it takes the reader off of my site and takes them to the source site for the content.

1. I want the reader to be able to read the story while staying on my website.
2. I want images from the stories that are received automatically via RSS to automatically be in the post.

If you look at redlandsteaparty{dot}com/rpress/ you can see there news feeds right onto the home page and includes videos and images along with some posts. You can also click any of the posts adn the reader stays on their website to read the story or watch the video.

Need someone experienced in WordPress and RSS Feeds.

I am pretty good at WordPress CMS but cannot seem to figure out what I am doing wrong. Please contact me immediately. Do not tell me you can do it if you don’t know what you are doing.


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