Full-time Web Developer

Hello SL Providers,

Thank you for reviewing my job post. We are a US based firm looking to find a very detail oriented, dependable website developer and programmer. Most of our sites are WordPress based, however, a few are custom coded in PHP/Mysql and will require excellent coding and design skills. We are looking for one special provider for a long-term position with the following skills:

# EXTREME WordPress experience including customization, plugin installs. Experience with the plugins: WPROBOT, WPREMIX, WPREVIEW, and PRETTY LINKS.
# Advanced knowledge of Photoshop and graphic design
# Advanced knowledge of Dreamweaver / related
# Can code Compliant W3C Designs
# Advanced PHP/Mysql skills
# CSS/xhtml skills

We are looking to hire someone full-time for a two week trial period. If we are happy working with each other after two weeks, we will offer you full-time position. We use basecampHQ to manage projects and tasks. You will be required to login daily and provide status reports on assigned projects and record your time for completed tasks.

If you’re interested in this opportunity, we invite you to submit the following:

– Your resume
– Website projects you’ve worked on
– Your Skype user-name
– Your monthly rate
– Your strengths and weaknesses as it relates to the above tasks
– The hours you’re willing to work (e.g. 9-5 Monday-Friday)

Thank you,


President, Reagormedia
Time Zone: -6 GMT

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