Wp Theme – Ecommerce Style

Wp Theme – Ecommerce Style

we are looking for someone to create a WordPress theme for one of our sites. The theme is supposed to look like an ecommerce site, although it is in reality an affiliate site/ price comparison site.

Here are some requirements for this WP theme

– niche: perfume / beauty & wellness products
– clean design with good whitespace
– colours: white, light blue, light grey
– header: simple textlogo on white background, stock photo to the right
– big search bar located beneath the header, centered
– breadcrumb-navigation
– site navigation on the left on home,category & archive pages (not on blogposts / product details pages)
– products (picture + link to blogpost) are supposed to be shown in rows of three on home, archive and category sites

Please provide samples of your work. You need to have experience with WP design / plugin creation if necessary.

Feel free to ask if I made a bad job of explaining the project.

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