Custom WordPress Theme Needed

Hello coders,

I need a custom WordPress Theme coded.

I attach a picture of what I need. Also, take a look here for inspiration:

Here are some requirements I need:

1) The content goes in one column
2) Below the content, we have two columns: one for comments and another one for a typical sidebar where we place standard widgets
3) There will be two comment input forms: one before and one after the already-posted comments
4) I will need different header backgrounds with different color/patterns so I can embed my .png logo (I will use this template for multiple blogs). A few different colors with a universal pattern will suffice, something like this one: or this one: . You know, header backgrounds that could be use on any wordpress blog really no matter the niche
6) In case the theme users don’t want to enter a .png logo, there should be a field to enter the blog name and the punch line below.
5) No dates anywhere on the blog: no dates on the posts, no dates on the comments, etc.
6) I don’t want to enter the template code editor at all, so the template should have a simple dashboard where I can input:

– the logo image (with a “browse” button)
– the pages, posts and categories to hide from every navigation bar. You know, some type of “hidden” posts, pages or categories I don’t want to link to.
– a field to enter in the footer the tracking code (for example google analytics)
– And option to hide the top navigation bar
– a drop down menu to choose the different header backgrounds and also a “browse” button to enter a new one (900×150 pixels)
– a field to enter the desired copyright message to be displayed in the footer.

Thank you, I look forward your bids!

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