Must Know WordPress Well

I have a site that is half finished and most of it in there but I need some to finish it for me a fix a few errors of how items were posted, they were done as posts instead of pages and I need that fixed, I also want a few functions added to the site. I want to be able to click on a picture and have it enlarge on that same page and then be able to close that picture without leaving the page. I also need a calendar as a whole page that I can put a link to that I will be able to post into it what the future events are.
I also need a “HOME” button installed on the site, remember it is not setup correctly right now, I want each of the categories to be its own page and only have the items from that category on that page.
Attached is the file for the rest of the pics and the descriptions to be added to the pages, they are in a spread sheet.
I need this done as soon as possible for the right price, I am posting this project because the last person I hired could not do the site correctly or in the manner of a timely fashion.
I would liek to see the site done in one day, I will give all the details to the backend of the site when I Pick the winner.
P.S. I also need a few simple plugins installed on the site.

The website is

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