Header Banner For Getresults

I require a header banner that can be used in wordpress and standard html websites.
The Company is Called : GetResultsOnline.com.au and has its website at www.getresultsonline.com.au the header is to be used for a series of sales pages and blogs inviting small to medium businesses to come to a free seminar on how to create leads and get their small business on the first page of google. The end result is we sell them a 1 day workshop.
You can use the orange “Fresh ideas” banner if you want as part fof it http://www.getresultsonline.com.au/index-2.html but it need to have our company name as well. I dont mind if you want to use a picture of me, can be provided. One that I like is www.expertsacademy.com as another simple alternative.
Its main bits must be teh Name of teh company GetResultsOnline and teach you how to create endless leads bydominate page 1 of Google.

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