Feedwordpress Extensions

I need 2 extensions for the FeedWordPress Plugin.

I only accept bids where you wrote the current release of FeedWordPress.

The Extensions should be generated as own plugins that extends FeedWordPress with the integrated hooks.
You don’t have to change any file of FeedWordPress.
The Links to the admin-panels should be integrated at the feedWordPress menu block.

1. Image Download

If a feed also sends images the plugin must download the image from the source-server and save them as attachment to the post.

2. Auto-Tags

Generate automated Tags for each fetched rss post and save them.
The tags must be checked agains yahoo.com and tagthe.net.
I must be possible to define the maximum number of tags at the admin-panel.

3. Auto-Delete

At the admin-panel it must be possible to define the number of days after a post in draft mode that has been imported by FeedWordPress should be deleted

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