Custom WordPress Installer

Custom WordPress Installer
Need a solution to be able to quickly install custom wordpress sites.
(not Fantastico)

We setup basically the same site over and over. And have a very specfic set of plugins, templates, core wordpress code changes, and about 5 static pages (privacy policy, terms, etc).

Looking for an installer where we can install our custom setup in the least time possible. (WordPress, our code changes, all plug ins, themes, and databases.)

Usually the only thing that changes on these sites would be the domain, title, tagline and one specific phrase throughout the site.

So ideally, the installer would ask for the host info, new domain, title, tagline and maybe have some kind of sitewide find and replace function. We would input the info, click install and our site would be setup.

When completed, we should be able to login, and just add any extra custom graphics, individual contact info, etc.

Installer should have the ability for us to update it as well. Like if we add more plugins to our basic setup, or we want to upgrade to a later version of wordpress after we make sure our core code changes are fixed to work with the latest version.

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