WordPress Long Term Expert

Hi !

I’m looking for a long term wordpress theme expert.

For a new project i need full featured wordpress themes from given HTML-Templates.

This means :
– integrate every template feature (e.g. sliders, image view) and all javascript
– integrate comments template at the css
– integrate widget css for the default wordpress widgets (e.g. calender)
– integrate pages and/or categories menus (and with WP3.0 the new internal menus)
– integrate different page-templates (e.g. sitemap, archives, blag-template, gallery-template, portfolio-template ….) with the needed options as meta-box fields (e.g. background-image, blog-category, …)
– integrate different home-layouts, if needed
– setup and integrate all the needed admin-options (.e.g logo upload, pages to exclude, categories to exclude, background image ….)
– theme must be W3C-validator ready for CSS and HTML (i will check this)

You will get :
– the HTML-template
– a full featured admin-framework to implement, with meta-box handling, theme-option handling, image resizing functions, image gallery functions
– a full featured theme-framework, with full localization

If my idea works, you have to transform up to 30 templates each month.
It’s also possible to give you a percentage rate of the selled amount.

I got the full rights of the created wordpress themes.

Your bid is per theme.

To get an example on the type of HTML-Templates take a look at the site-templates from themeforest

I’m a programmer for more than 20 years, and i work with wordpress for more than 2 years. For a good programmer this job only takes up to 5 hours, even if you get a full featured framework.

So please.
Make your bids more realistic.

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