Custom WordPress Theme & Setup

The webmaster must not only understand word press but also be a strong graphic designer for the logo that needs to be created.

I need a fun, eye popping, exciting, and colorful (bright greens and blues) word press theme. Think Hollywood, red carpet, partying, beaches, clubs, raves, and paparazzi. I have a fun, outrageous and successful life in Hollywood and NYC life and I want to capture it.

Some inspirational pictures for the logo: and and

To get a better understanding of my theme, please download the following video. This video is a signature to all my video posts.

I drew up a very very rough rough sketch of the layout design I am looking for.

I’m aiming for around $150. I will sacrifice the amount of time the project will take to save money. I would prefer to have a longer timeframe for development to lower the price of this project.

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