WordPress Style Website ++

I need a wordpress style website that has a header (for a graphic,web name etc)

There needs to be a spot for an ad/ banner across the top and then some banners or ads down the right side and perhaps one at the bottom of every page.

People can post anonymously or register. registering would allow them a basic page which would have the option to post their full face picture if they wanted, upto to a certain KB size.

This page would specific details like age, country, city, sex, and name with a spot for a link or 2 to a website or social page.

Every page would be the same for those who ‘register’, anonymous users would simply get to post a pic of their eyes.

The details such as age, country, city etc..have to be searchable so that they can be brought up on demand when searching country etc.

The user simply is posting a picture. I need an image uploader that will allow them to upload their pictures(upto a certain size in kb or mb) There is a somesort of ‘template'(ex. 450x75px) that they place over their picture shown so that it will ‘crop’ the picture to show only what lies within the area of the ‘template’.

Additional details will be provided*

Each post is numbered automatically and shows the users ‘post’, country, city, age and a voting system which keeps the most popular pic up in the respective order on the pages.

every post will have social buttons like digg, facebook, twitter, redditt, stumbleupon, maybe code to allow the post to be email or posted on a blog?

Maybe somesort of widget showing the top ranked pic
Maybe some sort of way for people to link to their friends post (ex picture)or link pictures to other pictures that look similar??

Some of these ideas are just thoughts right now–but this is what i am looking for.

**This needs to be easily administered like wordpress and for removing posts easily etc…adding and changing advertisements/banners just like wordpress.

The main portion of this wordpress layout should be simple for someone who knows their stuff well.

Please feel free to ask questions for clarifications—this shouldn’t be a big deal for the right person.

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