Group Buying Plugin WordPress


As most of you know the “Group Buy” craze has caught on like wildfire. Along with the craze comes countless clones of both groupon and livingsocial. Instead of trying to create our own site we want to help others buy providing “Group Buy Script” available for purchase.

Right now we are seeking a programmer who is well versed in WordPress. Ideally we would like for you to develop a WordPress plugin which is simple for someone to enable. The plugin should have all the features of a site like group and live social.

If you are capable of creating such a plugin and understand how group buying sites work, then feel free to make your best offer. We are looking for great coders, who are willing to work hard and are passionate about social media as much as we are.

Lets start buy creating a plugin for WordPress then if everything works out well, lets develop a standalone script. I am looking for a long term business relationship. Thanks.

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