Phpbb3 Db Convert Into Wp Db

I’ve got a site with an established phpbb3 install running with about 3500 users. I’m going to be converting the rest of the site to run on wordpress.

What I want is for users that are registered with the forum, to be able to log into wordpress and submit “posts” along with comment on articles and stories and such using their same username and password from phpbb3.

Basically a single user and pass that can be used for the entire site. They should only be able to register via phpbb3, but if they do, it will create a user/pass within wordpress as well.

It would be nice if the cookies and such were managed so that if they logged into the forum and then navigated to a wordpress page, they would also be logged in their as well.

I’m not sure what is possible, but that is what I’m looking at.

This plugin shows what I’m wanting, but seems buggy and has a lack of support, which is why I’m more interested in paying to get it done correctly.

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