WordPress Pop-up Box

WordPress Pop-up Box

I am using wordpress as my web site, so the index page is part of my wordpress blog. I want users to be able to listen to music while they look through my site. I wanted to load a pop up box when they first enter my site. They can choose to close the box, or leave it open and listen to my music continuously as they search through my site. If possible, I do not want the pop up box to load a second time if they decide to return to my home page, because then there would be two pop up boxes.

If you know a better way to allow music to play without interuption as someone looks through my site, please do tell.

I can put the code in myself, so all I need is for you to tell me where to put it and provide the code of course.

**I want the pop up box to be smaller then the page of course, and if possible, I dont want the normal windows borders.. just the page.. I think they call that the chrome.. not sure..

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